Anya Kotzuba

Astrologer (Diploma Rod Suskin school of astrology)

Taurus Sun

The Sun and Mercury move into Taurus

You can contact me or message me for individual astrology consultations or current workshops. 

Moon =Leo (half Moon waxing)

Sun = Taurus 0“

 Mercury  =Taurus 0`

Venus  = Taurus 06`

Mars=Gemini 28“

Jupiter = Aquarius 26`

Saturn = Aquarius 12`

Uranus  = Taurus 10`

Neptune = Pisces 21`

Pluto  = Capricorn `26`

Rx = retrograde

S – stationary







What Clients Are Saying

Attending Astro Anya’s Moon Workshop opened up unexpected and beautiful, new dimensions in my life. Through Astro Anya’s deep wisdom and professional knowledge, I got to learn new sides to understand the phases of our beautiful Moon and how to work more connectedly with it. Today, I am grateful that the Moon is so much more than a shining mesmerizing object in the sky. Thanks to Astro-Anya’s Moon Workshop, the Moon has become my friend who helps me navigate through everyday life.


Quilene Le Roux Thank you for your astro insights Anya 🙌
It always amazes me how you are able to make sense of it those charts!! And then…. to put into word in such a way to that we are all able to understand, no matter what ” level ” we are at .
You so often are able to put into words exactly what I am feeling but am not able to put into words myself … you are such a gift 💝🌍💫 thank you

I am an early childhood /Kindergarten teacher. I have found consulting with Anya to be most useful. When challenging behavior occurs in a child, Anya can give the insight into the energies at play by looking at the transiting planets and by looking at the entire biography of the birth chart of the child. Anya can then give clear advice that will accurately focus on how best to manage the behavior for the best outcome for the sake of the child.



I am a qualified Astrologer. I specialise in life navigational work with individuals and families. My style is sensitive, intuitive, practical, grounded and insightful.

  • I do individual birth chart readings
  • Current year/Solar return readings
  • Children and family readings
  • Insight coaching and card readings
  • Workshops (see the page on workshops for more info)





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